1 Week In – Lessons I’ve Learnt

So far I’ve invited seven people to join World Ventures; three said yes and four declined.

Of my three excited recruits, one had attended a World Ventures pre-launch event in Melbourne on my invitation. The other two came onboard from a phone call.

With all business ventures, you need to analyse what works and what doesn’t, as you go. I only made a limited number of phone calls, but my two direct successes made me think about how I got my results so quickly.

The answer is: I followed the system exactly. Starting the conversation without inviting pre-judgement of the opportunity was key. At World Ventures, this is known as ‘edification’.  

On the other hand, my results were not as good when I experimented by doing things my way instead of simply following a proven approach. One tip certainly worth remembering is to call your friends instead of sending a text. At least I’ve already learned from this experience that success in this program is not about being too creative or too smart. All you need to do is simply follow the process.

When have you ever strayed from advice and failed, only to realise the recommended guidance was the best and quickest path to achievement after all? 

2 Days into World Ventures


Right after I signed up with World Ventures, I spent around five hours watching training videos to learn as much as I could about the business and the keys to its success.

Inviting the first person to join my elite World Ventures team was more challenging than I anticipated. My friend was transitioning between jobs and had been working in sales in his ‘previous life’. I thought it would be a walk in the park to bring him along on my crusade for financial freedom!

However, he was sceptical about the idea as soon as he saw the video. Every point I made about why signing up made perfect sense to me was met with an objection.

I was lucky there was a strong degree of trust between us, created from the credibility I have built up over the years. What eventually made my friend open up to the idea of joining World Ventures is when I said,

“Whether you join or not, I’m okay with it. The reason I chose you is because I know what you want in this stage of your life and I thought this opportunity would be perfect for you. The truth is, from every comment you have made so far I know your mind is running in overdrive, asking questions only based on ‘why this wouldn’t work’, without asking a single question related to ‘how this could work’. My friend and mentor Tony Robbins said, ‘where your focus goes, energy flows’. If you focus on ‘it wouldn’t work’, that is most likely to come true. But if you focus on ‘it is going to work’ – while there is no automatic guarantee, this outlook sure gives you a better chance of success.”

My friend got it and decided we could take this journey together, after all.

Have you ever picked up on how a person’s mindset and focus is holding them back from their true potential?  


Is World Ventures an easy money making opportunity or a scam?

I found out about travel club World Ventures when friends shared this video and invited me to attend a business opportunity seminar. After 60 minutes, I was convinced this could be the next big business opportunity to hit Australia.

For me, the benefits of joining were clear –

  • You get very good discounts on flights and hotels.
  • The World Ventures price guarantee means if you find a cheaper deal the same day, 150% of the price difference is credited to your account.
  • Their Rate Shrinker is a refund made to your account if a cheaper flight or hotel price is released after your booking has been made.
  • Any Multi-Level Marketing business is easier to grow if you start at Ground Level.
  • My friends who invited me to try World Ventures are people I admire for their success in all aspects of life. Now I get to spend more time working closely with like-minded people.
  • A friend who is now making a five-figure sum in monthly residual income only started with World Ventures three-and-a-half years ago. What really excited me is that he did this from Cypress, where the population is a fraction of Australia’s.
  • Even though I have five businesses that are all doing very well, it’s always wise to build a passive income stream.
  • My understanding is it will not take a substantial amount of time in signing up hundreds of people to make any good income. I just need work closely with a selected few to help them grow. Their success is my success.
  • You don’t need to be good at sales to sign people up.
  • The World Ventures slogan is Sign up 4, pay no more! So I only need to find four friends who find this opportunity as appealing as I do and sign them up within the first 30 days to cover all my costs.

Considering these advantages, I think this is a fantastic business opportunity. At the very least, you get personal travel savings without paying any fees as long as you have four friends or family members who will also benefit.

But …

As I found out, network marketing is not as simple as signing up and making money. Apparently a lot of people have had bad experiences that have scarred them. Some comments I have found include:

If you are looking to make money, and think the internet is the way to do it, we need to talk. There are so many scams out there, and World Ventures is just the beginning. They are in the MLM travel niche, but the variety and level of misleading companies out there is infinite. Much of what I do on One More Cup of Coffee is review their products and programs and make their double-speak more understandable for everyone to understand.”


Here’s another  –

“The founders of World Ventures LLC are Wayne Nugent, Dan Stammen and Mike Azcue, all of whom were top producers for Pre-Paid Legal, YTB and other MLM companies. They learn the business, the ins and outs and form a network and decide why will they work for the guy up there when they can break off and form their own MLM company. Then, this company really has no product and tries to sell people the dream that they can travel to ‘hot spots’ around the world for pennies on the dollar. The reason they’re able to negotiate these deals with cruise lines is because they are getting group discounts during the lowest possible seasons for travel to these destinations. It has been proven that you will NOT make money from your own travel site. How will your non-appealing, identical to all the other idiots site compete with Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz. The only way to make money is to sign people up to become ‘travel consultants’. These MLM companies thrive on finding a few really good salesmen that really portray their belief in a product. Every wanna-be that signs up thinks they can be like these super salesmen and pays thousands to attend leadership conferences and ‘Accelerated Training’ seminars in hopes that they can grow their pyramid networks.

Some of the most successful companies are really selling hope, disguised as a product or service.”


Last one –

“The insiders have already revealed that the company is not what it seems to be. If you fall prey, you can only blame yourself for not doing simple research online first OR believing that friend of yours who just wants to make some money off YOU. I’ve read a couple of insider accounts online. But you can simply scroll through the comments on this blogpost for an idea.”


I guess there are always two sides to an argument. Like all businesses, there are those who succeed and there are those who fail. As of now, I choose to be open and run an experiment on this and see how I go with World Ventures.

I have five businesses I’m actively involved in, I have a young family to look after and I’m currently producing a reality TV show. I don’t have a lot of time. If I can make this work, I need to do it with minimal time spent. So let’s see how we go. I aim to share what happens with anyone interested in following my journey.

What have your experiences been with World Ventures or another MLM business? Good or bad – let me know.